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Commercial for Supertrash , directed by Marc Lagrange , camera Bjorn Charpentier

Vernissage at Absolute Art gallery Knokke 2015

Expo at Leonhards Gallery Antwerp



Making Of , shooting for the Jaguar F-Type

Expo at Leonhards Gallery Antwerp

Spicy Corinne

Expo at Leonhards Gallery Antwerp

Fancy Games

The Storytelling ... Introduction Movie

Archival Pigment Print into diasec , framed in Massive Wengé Frame  + 600 Euro - 190x150cm 


Release of the Expo at gallery MPV at 'sHertogenbosch , the Netherlands.

Antwerp, 2012

Blind Date
Also available on Platinum Print ( Collectors Item )

We made this videoclip for Liesa Van Der Aa.
Camera : Bjorn Charpentier , Model / Dancer : Inge Van Bruysteghem.

Studio Antwerpen 2014

Hide & Seek

Archival Pigment Print into Diasec

Archival Pigment Print into Diasec

The Last Supper 


XXML prints 

Thanks to Giovanna Raspini 

Suzanne P

Studio Lagrange, Sept 2013

Color Version Polaroid


Boudoir Girl

Also available on Platinum Print ( Collectors Item )

Making Of Movie during shoot for the New Jaguar F-Type



Tribal Girl


Caviar Girl After -  2 Images 

Fake Tears

Tania Romeo

Release in Paris of The Hotel Maritime Project - 2014

Music by Liesa van der AA.

Release of my expo at gallery MPV - 2014

Bonne The Face
available on Platinum Print ( Collectors Item )

This Box takes part of the Hotel Maritime #58 Story.
It leads you through the story and brings you into the same mood as I shot this serie as a voyeur .
Music composed by Liesa Van Der AA... 

Ice Queen

Suzanna Tsarina


Popular in the late 19th Century, today the platinum print is often labeled as an “alternative process” for
its age as well as the rarity of its use. The printing involves a mixed liquid sensitizer made of a salt and
metal (in this case the metal being the expensive platinum) coated by hand on paper, then exposed with
a negative to UV light. These prints are known for their rich & wide tonal value, as well as the unique
nature of each individual print; no two prints can be exactly the same due to the method’s very manual
nature. Because of the chemical constitution of this printing process, platinum prints are the most archival
of any print .

Lolita 01

Lolita 02

Liesa Van der AA  - (actrice/singer)

Liesa van der AA (actress/singer)

Sylvia Camarda (dancer)

Tania Romeo


Making Of Movie 

Lisbeth Gruwez 02

Lisbeth Gruwez 01


Robert Cook Sculptor

So What ?

The Bird II

Thanks to Inge Van Bruystegem

The Camel shot in Morocco 1996.  

Lust - Expo Brussels Okt 2008

Cute Babe


Crazy Horse Goodbye



Chesterfield Fun ( sepia version)

The Piano


Chesterfield Portrait

Els H. 

Keep Walking

La Génerale


Waiting For My Client

Portrait Elise Crombez

Sursum Corda Tree


Doris Mulombe Portrait

Black Stockings & Pearls

Cooperation with Addy van den Krommenacker - Dutch Couturier

Cooperation with Addy van den Krommenacker - Dutch Couturier

aeve zezztbzrtbzrtbrtbzrtbzrtb  rztbrz

Videoclip directed by Marc Lagrange - Camera by Bjorn Charpentier

Antwerp , at Lagrange Productions Studios

London , The Claridge Hotel

Styling by Romain Brau

This exhibition signals a departure from what you usually expect from the Gallo-Roman Museum. An evocative interplay of images of sensual nakedness by the art photographer Marc Lagrange, intriguing texts by Roman authors and authentic objects leading you deeper into the mysteries of feminine beauty.

How did women use make-up two thousand years ago? What kind of jewellery did they wear? What kind of items would a Roman beauty case contain? Practical implements and educational films provide an insight into how women in ancient Rome made themselves beautiful and pampered themselves.
Contemporary women also talk about their perceptions of their bodies.




As of the late 1980’s Marc Lagrange devoted his life and work to the medium of photography and all who worked with him or followed his career closely know about his true passion for analog photography. As of the early 1990’s he started to work quite intensively with Polaroid lm and his nudes, or portraits, as he would prefer to call them, found a more intense, more touching, more human look. The surface of these Polaroids and the longer exposure, inherent to these lms, resulted in a deep and personal aesthetic quality of his photography. The Polaroid lm eventually became his signature trademark. ‘Photos are taken by photographers not by cameras’ was his saying and within this series of never before published work one can easily discern his particular photographic style and his quest to bring beauty to his images and emotion to an audience.

The immediate image of the Polaroid Chocolate lm became very important for Marc. Like many photographers did at the time, he used the immediacy of the peel apart- lms for test snapshots of a scene but he quickly started using it as a real medium. Polaroid 100 Chocolate lm is one of the rarest lms Polaroid ever made; because of its unique process it produces images starkly di erent from any other Polaroid lm. The black and white/color cross-process method produces chocolate brown images with a warm texture and other special characteristics. 

Archival Pigment print into Diasec (10 cm white board)